Tritium Labeling

ViTrax provides a wide variety of Tritium labeling services. Generally, projects contracted for Tritium service will mimic conditions provided by our customers and do not include purification. Unfortunately, ViTrax cannot guarantee the outcome of a service tritiation. If your requirements exceed the limitations of what a basic labeling service can offer, please refer to our tritium custom synthesis information. The following synthetic processes are available:

  • Catalytic Reduction with Tritium Gas
  • Reduction with Sodium Borohydride, [3H]
  • Reduction with Lithium Aluminum Hydride, [3H]
  • Catalytic exchange with Tritium Gas
  • Anion quench with Tritiated Water
  • Alkylation with Methyl Iodide, [3H]

Most tritiation services are completed in 3 to 5 days and shipped overnight on dry ice. Pricing is dependent upon the scale of the reaction, complexity of the project, nature of reagent (i.e. Tritium Gas, NaBT4, etc.), and analysis method.

Analytical analysis options include: TLC, PC, HPLC, UV/Vis, GC, T-NMR, and LC-MS.