About Us

ViTrax is a manufacturer of high-quality radiolabeled chemicals. We have been supplying the global pharmaceutical industry and individual researchers with labeled compounds for over fifteen years. We take pride in providing the highest-quality and technically sound custom synthesis of Carbon-14, Tritium, and Sulfur-35 products available. With a talented staff of chemists, Vitrax has built a reputation as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our well equipped facilities operate under strict guidelines enabling ViTrax to provide labeled products with well documented processes to support all level of ADME/Pharmacokinetic studies. With a dedicated Radio GMP laboratory and a Class 10,000 Clean Room, any project can be conducted under highly controlled conditions. With an exemplary safety record and strict record keeping, ViTrax assures the highest standard of quality management backed by an extensive Radio GMP documentation system.

With customers in the world's major pharmaceutical industries, universities and research institutions, ViTrax will continue to grow and be on the forefront of the production of high-quality radiolabeled chemicals.